The inaugural issue of LOST WKND brings you contemporary culture’s most provocative and cutting-edge artists, writers, filmmakers, thinkers, and risktakers. Join us as we take a sunlit stroll through Manhattan’s Irish Hunger Memorial with Damien Echols, talk doom and gloom (and whisky) with author Benjamin Percy, lounge poolside at the Ace Hotel with breakout star Cleopatra Coleman, and discuss origins and bass guitars with Liverpudlian heartthrob Barry Sloane. Then we head to Cape Town and get schooled in street style by artist Tony Gum, bone-up on our postwar American avant-garde cinema and geek out with Milwaukee-based filmmaker Mark Borchardt, break some rules with world-renowned artist Tierney Gearon, and slip into something a little less comfortable with artist/actress/monster Amy Everson.

We find ourselves sipping raspberry-flavored beer on a Brooklyn rooftop with dream pop sensation Tamaryn, waxing political on the proliferation of Chinese eugenics while admiring the groundbreaking artwork of Rachel Lee Hovnanian, and, eventually, guzzling our weight in gluten-free craft beer and getting weird with Briana Cerezo and fellow Humans of Portland. Then it’s down to Big Sur for a little surf, sun, and psychosis as we barrel through Kerouac’s eponymous novel, back up north where we climb aboard a Boeing 727-turned-residence in the woods outside Portland with shoegaze up-and-comers Cemeteries, with a stop-off in Norway where we’re mystified by singer-songwriter Farao. Finally, our souls are stirred by the poetry of Andrea Cohen, hypnotized by the photography of Lukasz Wierzbowski, and rattled by the artwork of Pierre Schmidt.

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Working in tandem with a network of global creatives, our self-published web and print magazine prides itself on provocative editorial and storytelling, superb photography and artwork, and inspirational thinkpieces from around the world. Established in 2016 by Lilly Ball and Andrew Stark, LOST WKND showcases the innovative, the brave, and the controversial.

The Birth Issue features world-renowned artists Rachel Lee Hovnanian and Tierney Gearon, author Benjamin Percy, star of American Movie Mark Borchardt, exclusive poetry by Andrea Cohen, groundbreaking singer-songwriter Tamaryn, and much more, including exclusive cover art by Berlin-based Pierre Schmidt.

LOST WKND is based in Minneapolis.


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